Global car rental

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Best car rental prices – three simple steps

Global car rental – very easy to use car rental booking engine, for rental cars around the world. This is one of the best car rental booking services, it takes just three simple steps to book your rental car around the world and to find the best car rental prices.


Global car rental

Unlimited all-inclusive car rental

No Credit Card Charges

Inclusive car Insurance

Compare car rental prices

Best car rental prices

Global car rental uses the trusted and reliable power of Car Trawler online car rental booking service to find, the lowest rates on rental cars and to get the best car rental prices.

Search for a rental car around the world and find a better price on a car rental with Car Trawler. This service makes it easy to save on car rental and it takes just three simple steps, compares the major car rental company prices and will find the best prices on cars rental.

Global car rental together with Car Trawler will search all of the major car rental companies and find you the best car rental prices, you will save time with this service, as it takes just three simple steps to “book your rental car”.

Compare car rental prices

Car Trawler offers the lowest-rates on rental cars, as they get preferential car rental rates through their bulk booking system from all the main car rental companies around the world. Search through the car rental booking engine to find the best rates on rental cars, with more options and choices and save money when you rent a car.

Best car rental prices

Global Car Rental together with the power of Car Trawler offers you the best system to easily compare prices and to simply book a rented car. You can collect your rental car at any of the Airports around the world, just book in advance to save money and time.

Inclusive car Insurance

You can choose from the range shown on the car trawler search engine and then book in advance to get the best prices. You can then be sure that the vehicle is ready for you when you arrive at your destination.

If you are hiring a car for a long period time – even if just for a few days – you can book your rental car with this car rental booking engine.

Worldwide car rental

Find rental cars in a variety of price ranges, and every one will go to the valet and fueled up for your journey. Take a look at this for cheap car rental on your vacation or business and you will go a long way to find better price than on Global Car Rental.

You can even choose the payment currency and take advantage of the currency exchange rates. Which brings us to another advantage of our system: advance booking is far cheaper than booking your car on arrival.

That’s because they know the car is being used, rather than keeping it available for when somebody turns up to rent it. Most car rental firms offer a lower price for advance booking.

Not only that, but you can compare prices since we are not tied to any car rental firm. Whether you are seeking car rental for vacation, or a rental car for Business, this is where you will find a range of possibilities together with the best prices and the specifications on rental cars.

Unlimited all-inclusive car rental

With Global car rental you can choose the price and specification that suits your needs when you rent a car, this is better than turning up at an airport desk and being given a choice of one car to rent in each vehicle class.

Best car rental prices

Those who use our service continue to use it, because it offers the best global car rental service that suits them. The price, choice and convenience are all unparalleled and this car hire search engine works the world over, no matter where you are now and where you will be driving, you can rent a car at the best price.

Best prices on car rental in any destination around the world

So if you are looking for a cheap car rental for vacation or business sometime in the near future, check out our car rental search engine features and give it a try: we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed as you will find the best rental cars at the best prices around the world.

Save on car rental when you book in advance

Find a car to rent that suits you, your family or your colleagues and keep in mind that you can choose the type of car that is almost guaranteed to be perfectly tailored to your needs. Car Trawler is a world-class service that will find you the lowest rates on Global car rental, saving you money as you get the best car rental prices.

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